ACSG Scholarship

Albany County StockGrowers

**The 2022 Garth Churches Memorial Scholarship Application is available!**
1. Applicant must fill out and return the application on or before the deadline. (May 15, 2021)
2. Applicant must be an ACSG member, child of an ACSG member, a member of the Albany County 4H, a member of the Rock Creek Valley FFA, or a member of the Snowy Range FFA.
3. Applicant must be able to explain how the scholarship money will help them become an asset to the agricultural industry.
4. Applicant must intend to enroll in post-high school training.
5. Applicant may only receive the scholarship once. Applications can be found at the Rock River and Laramie High Schools' Ag Departments, with Mr. Musser at Rock River, and at the Albany County Extension office. Or message us if you would like an application emailed to you.

2022 ACSG Scholarship PDF

2024 Scholarship Application

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